Our Mission
Mission Statement
Town of Esopus Volunteer Ambulance Squad, Inc. is committed to being a leader in the Emergency Medical Services arena and to provide our community with excellence in pre-hospital care. This excellence will be proven through a set of values which will promote high standards, exemplary customer service, preparedness, continual education, and collaborative efforts with other agencies and strategic community partners. TEVAS strives to meet the growing needs of the community through a philosophy of Total Quality Management which will encompass continual self evaluation, public education, personnel development, promotion of safe operation and access to injury prevention resources.

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The Past
Original Ambulances The need for a Volunteer Ambulance Service in the Town of Esopus blossomed in November 1981, and by March of 1982 the idea attracted both community enthusiasm and support.

Through a concentrated effort, extensive training and willingness to serve others; volunteers from every community within the town allowed TEVAS to become a reality in January 1983; when the State issued a license to operate.

Across the later 1980ís, we recorded more than 600 emergency calls, logged thousands of miles and earned the praises of our fellow EMS agencies, hospitals and community.

Although our volunteer strength was merely 43 members, we were constantly inviting interested residents to join us and become qualified EMTs, or to assist the squad in many other capacities.

In 1986 we purchased our own property on Rt. 9W our future looked brighter than ever, with goals including: construction of a permanent facility and purchasing a new ambulance.

The Present
Front of an Ambulance Our membership has increased steadily, and as of 2007, we have 54 active members, including 41 EMTs and 3 CFRs. Although we may have lost a few members over the years, we have gained many more. Our call numbers have also increased to over 600 per year.

We also constructed an addition onto our building in 2007, which was afforded to us by the gracious donations of our residents and the tireless efforts of our squad members. This remodeling of our facility serves not only as proof but also as a great tribute to how the squad has grown over the past 25 years.

The Future?
We donít know what the future will hold for our Ambulance Squad. What we do know is: the town is growing, as is the number of calls. We hope to continue gaining membership as we have in the past few years, because if we can continue to grow with the times, we will keep on providing the great EMS service the residents of the Town of Esopus, have deservingly come to expect.

Maybe, one day, we will be able to provide our own Paramedic and Rescue units; allowing us to increase the range of services we gladly provide the ever expanding community.

Where will we be 25 years from today?

Last updated: October 25, 2007